Astrotheology & Shamanism: Christianity's Pagan Roots. (Color Edition) (Paperback)

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Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit delve deep into Judeo-Christian symbolism and mythology in Astrotheology & Shamanism to reveal the true origins of Christianity in fertility cults and entheogenic drug use. The authors show, with the use of numerous images, textual citations, and etymological analyses, how the symbols used in Christian art and encoded in sacred texts reference sacramental use of psychedelic mushrooms as well as ancient astronomical knowledge. This knowledge has been kept secret from the public, however, and the truth has remained concealed behind a campaign to prohibit access to entheogenic sacraments through a Pharmacratic Inquisition (of which the current "War on Drugs" is the latest manifestation). Along with a call to wake up to the true history of Judeo-Christian tradition, the authors call for a return to direct spiritual experience through visionary sacraments unmediated through dominating religious institutions. This is a powerful and provocative book that is sure to challenge and inspire. - Martin W. Ball, Ph.D. Author, The Entheogenic Evolution: Psychedelics, Consciousness and Awakening the Human Spirit.
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ISBN: 9781439222430
ISBN-10: 1439222436
Publisher: Booksurge Publishing
Publication Date: February 4th, 2009
Pages: 248
Language: English