Japanese Conversation: A Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide (Other)

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Instantly create hundreds of sentences for communication in Japanese whether for a language course, travel or business. This 6 page laminated guide provides sample sentences with color-coded nouns verbs and adjectives within those sentences that can be replaced with words of the same color from a color coded bank of words that can be plugged into those sentences. To change the sentence, pick a different color-coded noun, verb or adjective for a wide range of sentences for communication. Categories follow those of beginner and intermediate Japanese language courses, which are the same categories that cover those subjects that are helpful to a traveler on vacation or on a business trip.
6-page laminated guide includes:
  • Japanese Hiragana Syllables Chart
  • Katakana Syllables Chart
  • Greetings
  • Common Helpful Words
  • Common Helpful Phrases
  • Adjectives
  • Basic Question Words
  • Introductions
  • Polite Phrases
  • Personal
  • Family
  • Titles for Addressing People
  • Colors
  • Months, Days & Dates, Time
  • Measurements
  • Numbers, Counters
  • Seasons & Holidays
  • Weather
  • Money, Shopping
  • Transportation & Travel
  • Directions
  • Daily Living
  • Entertainment & Hobbies
  • Food, Dining Out
  • Workplace & School
  • Communications
  • Health & Medical Care
  • Emergencies
  • Geography
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ISBN: 9781423246213
ISBN-10: 1423246217
Publisher: Quickstudy Reference Guides
Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
Pages: 6
Language: English