The Maternal Wall: Research and Policy Perspectives on Discrimination Against Mothers (Journal of Social Issues) (Paperback)

The Maternal Wall: Research and Policy Perspectives on Discrimination Against Mothers (Journal of Social Issues) Cover Image
By Monica Biernat (Editor), Faye J. Crosby (Editor), Joan C. Williams (Editor)
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Over the past four or five decades, the feminist revolution has brought a lot of changes. There is a lot of evidence that the glass ceiling is being shattered. For one particular group, however, gender equity remains elusive. That group is working mothers. The problem of the "glass ceiling" has now turned into a related, from different problem: "the maternal wall." In the first Journal of Social Issues (JSI) to deal specifically with the topic of working mothers, scholars from several disciplines discuss a variety of aspects of the problem of the maternal wall.

About the Author

Monica Biernat is a professor of psychology at the University ofKansas. She earned her Ph.D. in psychology (social) at theUniversity of Michigan in 1989. Her research examines the processesof stereotyping and prejudice, and focuses specifically on howstereotypes guide judgments of individual members of stereotypedgroups. She is currently associate editor of the Journal ofPersonality and Social Psychology and was the 1998/1999 winner ofthe American Psychological Association Distinguished ScientificAward for Early Career Contribution to Psychology in the area ofSocial Psychology. Faye J. Crosby is a social psychologist who has specialized inissues of gender and justice. She is currently professor ofpsychology and head of the social psychology area at the Universityof California, Santa Cruz. Crosby is the founder of the Nag'sHeart Conferences. In 1991-1992 she had the extraordinary privilegeto serve as President of SPSSI. She is the recipient of numerousawards, including an honorary doctorate from Ball State University.Crosby has published widely on the present topic and many others.Her current focus is on affirmative action.Joan Williams, Professor of Law at American University, Washington College of Law, is the Director of the Program onWorkLife Law, and Co-Director of the Project on Attorney Retention.She is also author of Unbending Gender: Why Work and FamilyConflict and What To Do About It (Oxford University Press,1999).
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Publication Date: December 10th, 2004
Pages: 248
Language: English
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