The Toltec Secret: Dreaming Practices of the Ancient Mexicans (Paperback)

The Toltec Secret: Dreaming Practices of the Ancient Mexicans By Sergio Magana Cover Image
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Discover the powerful dreaming techniques of the ancient Toltecs in this eye-opening read from a renowned Mexican healer
In this remarkable book, Sergio Magaña explores the history and wisdom of the ancient Toltec tradition. Closed to outsiders until now, this rich spiritual tradition is over 5,000 years old and was a touchstone for the Aztecs.
The original holders of this secret knowledge, the Chichimeca, were considered to be masters who had a deep understanding of the dream state. They had a working knowledge of the power of our perceptions—how they can form our reality and even influence matter itself. The Toltec Secret guides you, step-by-step, through the Toltec rituals and symbols that will enable you to:
· Become lucid in your dreams
· Create your life through your dreams
· Send healing to others while in the dreaming state
· Communicate with your ancestors
· Develop your intuition and use Toltec techniques to see the aura
· Heal and rejuvenate your body by connecting with the energy of the sun
· Use the mysterious obsidian mirror for healing yourself and others
· Practice the powerful dances of the Toltecs and Mexihcas
· See your “teyolia,” or path of the soul, to learn who you were in past lives and release parts of yourself that are trapped in old experiences.
An in-depth study on the hidden power of dreams and expanded consciousness, this is recommended reading for fans of Don Miguel Ruiz and Carlos Castaneda who want to grow their Toltec library.

About the Author

Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl) is a famous Mexican healer who has been initiated into the 5,000-year-old Toltec lineage of nahualism and the Tol lineage of dreaming knowledge. Sergio has been appointed head of a prestigious project with Club UNESCO for the Protection of Intangible Heritage of Ancient Civilizations. Learn more at
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