The New Temple and the Second Coming: The Prophecy That Points to Christ's Return in Your Generation (Paperback)

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An array of new archaeological finds and revealing discoveries in the ancient city hidden beneath Jerusalem lead to a stunning conclusion: The generation alive today will witness the return of Christ.

The evidence–uncovered by prophecy expert Grant R. Jeffrey–is breathtaking: Jewish authorities are preparing to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. Quietly they have recovered lost artifacts from the ancient Temple and have recreated sacred worship vessels. The new Sanhedrin, now reconvened in Israel, is training Levite priests to reinstitute animal sacrifice. These remarkable developments have far-reaching prophetic significance.

In this book you will examine the biblical prophecies and research data that together solve end-times mysteries, including:
·The search for lost Temple treasures
·Revealing discoveries in underground Jerusalem
·The process of recreating sacred Temple vessels
·Unexpected clues revealed in the Copper Scroll and the Ezekiel Tablets
·The latest plans for rebuilding the Temple

Join Dr. Jeffrey as he uncovers answers to questions that have perplexed students of prophecy for centuries. Answers that point to the unmistakable conclusion that this is truly the last generation.

About the Author

Grant R. Jeffrey is the internationally known author of The Next World War and more than twenty other bestselling books, and the editor of the Marked Reference Prophecy Study Bible. His popular TV program, “Bible Prophecy Revealed,” airs twice a week on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Jeffrey earned his Master’s and PhD degrees from Louisiana Baptist University. He and his wife, Kaye, live in Toronto.

Praise For…

“Grant Jeffrey has done it again!  The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple is the most significant issue in End Times prophecy today.  Filled with facts, photos, and insights, The New Temple and the Second Coming is a must-read for Christians and Jews alike.”

–Dr. Ed Hindson, Distinguished Professor of Religion, Liberty University
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Publication Date: October 16th, 2007
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