Made You Look: How to Use Brain Science to Attract Attention and Persuade Others (Hardcover)

Made You Look: How to Use Brain Science to Attract Attention and Persuade Others By Carmen Simon Cover Image
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A full-color, image-packed guide to developing highly persuasive content that attracts more customers than ever--all based on the latest brain science

There's an overlooked but critical scientific fact that every marketing profession needs to know: Many decisions start with attention, and it's your job to grab the attention of every prospective customer as effectively as possible. But in this increasingly fast-paced, busy, and noisy world, how do you capture people's attention, much less persuade them?

To answer this question, cognitive neuroscientist Carmen Simon leverages insights gleaned from her use of advanced technologies to study where people look, for how long, what type of attention leads to memories, and what keeps the brain coming back for more, to determine the effectiveness of sales pitches, marketing materials, corporate presentations, training videos, and other business content.

In Made You Look, Simon presents her four-part framework for effectively attracting the attention of customers and impacting their buying decision:

- Automatic triggers: capture audience attention with the physical properties of an external stimulus
- Guided action: guide your audience toward their internal thoughts and prompt them to focus on something rewarding
- Introspection: orient their attention internally toward something they consider rewarding
- Visual search: direct their attention externally toward what they consider rewarding

Each section of Made You Look provides detailed guidelines you can use in your communication materials immediately. Attract attention and, as a result, influence memory and decisions with Made You Look, and lead your company to the top of your industry.

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ISBN: 9781265128654
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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Publication Date: April 30th, 2024
Pages: 352
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