Cheated: Diary of Affair (Paperback)

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That woman or man, who is trying to avoid an affair, has had an affair, going through an affair, or recovering from an affair. A single woman, married woman, or single man. Basically, anyone who can see themselves in a committed relationship at one point or another. I used to dig up wells looking for books that affirmed my feelings. I found ones that told me the right thing to do, I found others that gave me tips, but I never read anything that conveyed exactly how I felt, the ugly, evil, quitting feelings. I journaled through one of the most grievous moments of my life. You will see the journal entries are raw and has errors. I didn't omit or withheld because of that. What I wrote is what I needed and hopefully this will prove true for someone else. Although they were not completely angelic, I realized it's normal, I'm still sane, and God is still God.

About the Author

Tamika always wanted to skate in a Skittles commerical…never happened.

However, there is still Tamika Bartley, the Curriculum Coordinator, Co-Founder of "For the Culture, Literacy Development", owner of Books & Brushes, Real Estate Agent, and contributor of "Educating While Black" African American Studies in Texas High Schools, and "Sisters of the Storm".

With a young 4 years of dating and over two decades of marriage, Tamika has experienced the joys and woes of learning yourself, your spouse, God, and all that falls between. Within that span she managed 3 children, two boys and a girl.

Tamika has a bachelors degree in English, minor in Reading Specialization, Masters of Education and Masters of Curriculum and Instruction; she loves all things literacy.
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ISBN: 9781098384562
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Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: August 10th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English