Truth: A Brief History of Total Bullsh*t (MP3 CD)

Truth: A Brief History of Total Bullsh*t By Tom Phillips (Read by) Cover Image
By Tom Phillips (Read by)
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This is a book about TRUTH--and all the ways we try to avoid it--from the bestselling author of Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up.

We live in a "post-truth" world, we're told. But was there ever really a golden age of truth-telling? Or have people been lying, fibbing and just plain bullsh*tting since the beginning of time?

Tom Phillips, editor of a leading independent fact-checking organization, deals with this question every day. In Truth, he tells the story of how we humans have spent history lying to each other--and ourselves--about everything from business to politics to plain old geography. Along the way, he chronicles the world's oldest customer service complaint, the Great Moon Hoax of 1835 and the surprisingly dishonest career of Benjamin Franklin.

Sharp, witty and with a clear-eyed view of humanity's checkered past, Truth reveals why people lie--and how we can cut through the bullsh*t.

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ISBN: 9781094190051
ISBN-10: 1094190055
Publisher: Hanover Square Press
Publication Date: May 5th, 2020
Language: English