Selling the Cloud (Paperback)

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Mark Petruzzi, an innovator in enterprise and cloud software product and services sales, channel/alliances strategy, and M&A deal advisory, and Paul Melchiorre, a vanguard leader in enterprise software product sales, pioneered the innovative strategies that have made enterprise-level cloud software sales a holy grail of B2B selling. In Selling the Cloud, the pair share the key methods they developed, refined, and applied for the past twenty-five years to become enterprise cloud software sales leaders. These concepts are designed for enterprise cloud software sales leaders and reps, but they are a solid reference for anyone involved in any type of B2B sales.

Mark and Paul both came from modest means, attended college as first-generation college graduates, and went on to forge unique paths in software sales leadership. Over 25 years later, the two have been on every side of enterprise software sales and have learned the fundamental principles that set top performers apart. In Selling the Cloud, Mark and Paul share practical lessons and key characteristics needed to succeed in the sales climate of tomorrow: passion, velocity, grit, empathy, authenticity, creativity, resilience, trust, strategic thinking, and technology leverage.

Throughout the book you will hear not only from Mark and Paul, but also from well-known titans of software sales from companies like Salesforce, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Zoom, SAP, and DocuSign. The book brims with strategies individuals and organizations can apply to boost sales performance, help customers succeed, and grow careers and businesses. The fusion of enterprise software service sales, product sales, and executive leadership expertise in this book delivers a unique distillation of proven strategies to thrive in not only software sales but in sales at large. #1 Amazon New Release in Sales and Sales Management.

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ISBN: 9781087942483
ISBN-10: 1087942489
Publisher: M4 Advisory, LLC
Publication Date: January 17th, 2021
Pages: 204
Language: English