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Lipstick Leadership reminds all of us that lipstick is a serious business. By 2025, the lipstick industry will be worth $10 billion. In that industry and others, women are taking big, important steps forward. Now is the time for you to lean in and step up. In this book, you'll learn from women who have taken those big steps, and from Susanne's own experience with egalit , fraternit (sisterhood), and libert . It's about equality, about sisterhood; that will get us all to libert , freedom, and it will make the world a better place. Now is the time; if not now, then when?

Those three words (equality, sisterhood, liberty) are also at the heart of so many of the ideas around you. Without equality, there is no liberty, and there will be no sisterhood (note that I chose to use the word sisterhood, as "fraternity" sounds too "male" to me). Women have to unite and form a stronger bond. All are included: all human beings of any gender; all men, too, and, in particular, men who understand women. After all, the word women has the word men inside of it, too. Working together towards common ground is also a much better strategy - and it's what this time in history requires. You can all learn from history, but now is the time to allow yourself to be different, unique, phenomenal, disruptive, and more.

"You may be the first, don't be the last." - Kamala Harris

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ISBN: 9781087935768
ISBN-10: 1087935768
Publisher: Susanne Mueller Consulting
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2021
Pages: 268
Language: English