Point of You: Where Do You Want To Be (Paperback)

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Point of You: Where Do You Want To Be by artist and cartoonist Nathaniel Osollo is a collection of literary comics questioning why one should exist as a blip in the universe. Black and white line drawings are periodically interrupted with bursts of color. The deceptively simple and for the most part genderless drawings of human-like figures allow readers to insert themselves into the conversation. In this short volume Osollo investigates human existence, finds world peace and speaks to the Universe itself. Osollo's writing resonates from the subconscious, drawing figurative and literal lines in the moments between breaths. These stories are gently introspective, searching and finding comfort in the beauty of being. Osollo's charming People simply ask where you are, what matters to you, and what's your point of you. Yes, you.

Nathaniel Osollo lives somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd dimension. Being a shy but attentive child, he learned that 3D people responded to his 2D manifestations. He pored himself into drawing and mark-making and developed games and communication to relate to the world. He still does this today. If you are close to him, you've likely played one of these games or read one of his stories whether you know it or not.

He self publishes comics, curates and publishes anthologies that blur the lines between art, social media and technology; including 140, I Used to Know Dark Mouse, and the augmented reality works The Shadow People and The Shadow People Are Here. Osollo has also created installations in collaboration with the Riverside Art Museum, Riverside CA.

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ISBN: 9780998971728
ISBN-10: 0998971723
Publisher: Cow House Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2017
Pages: 58
Language: English