Moondrifter Reverie: A Poetry Narrative of 1970s Houseboat Life (Paperback)

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Poetry. California Interest. Life in the Waldo Point houseboat community was much like Moondrifter, the author's own houseboat, swinging free in its mooring and subject only to the daily rhythms of wind and tide. Keith Emmons recalls a utopian, civic experience that flourished briefly in the 1970s in Sausalito on San Francisco Bay. This nostalgic tribute to a youthful interlude steeped in flower power and cannabis reflects a storied moment in American history.

The book describes, through poetry, haiku and free verse, a freewheeling group of dissenters from the social mainstream, determined to live by their own collective philosophy of peace and personal freedom. Through mirthfulness and tears, drumming, howling at the moon, and raising their children in "the natural way," the small community thrived until it ultimately succumbed to the antithetical values and raw hegemony of real estate developers.

"Keith's lyrical gift is gentle on the heart. MOONDRIFTER REVERIE invests the anxious 1970s with nobility and even, dare I say, with dignity. MOONDRIFTER REVERIE recreates the sheer loveliness under the hustle- and-bustle and delivers it fresh, via the poet's handsome language. I adore this work, and I plan to return to it often."--David Landau

"MOONDRIFTER REVERIE celebrates sunshine on the mudflats and the desire to live free. Keith captures an era, the spirit of youth, hope and possibility. Plus his poetry is dang fun to read. We need our poets. Huzzah Keith "--Peter Prasad

"The focus of Keith's writing is the houseboat community of the 1960s and 70s. What Keith has captured is the curious spirit and energy created by the amalgam of the era and the characters attracted to this slice of tideflat where saltwater meets terra firma on what we call the Sausalito."--Phil Frank

"MOONDRIFTER REVERIE takes me back to the 60s and 70s when so many of us struggled to make our communities reflect our own esthetics and values. I am reminded of the diversity and creativity of my current community and am moved again to rejoice in the struggle."--Len Anderson

"Keith Emmons has put into words the same vibrant creativity that inspired me to film The Last Free Ride. May communities like the Sausalito Gates in the 1970s overcome all obstacles and propagate everywhere on Earth."--Saul Rouda.
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