Memoir of a Slightly Mad Mystic: How Dying Saved My Life (Paperback)

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Memoir of a Slightly Mad Mystic is the fascinating story of a midwestern boy who began having out of body journeys when he was nine years old. But the freedom and joy those flights provided faded when he began sinking into a quagmire of mental illness. After he was tossed into the antiseptic world of drugs, electroshock, and enforced isolation that was the 1960s mental health care system, his condition only worsened. Trapped as he was between wildfires raging in his head and a narrow-minded version of therapy, a cure seemed out of the question--until he died... three times. This is the story of how he survived death, and how three journeys through the transformative portal of death's doorway awakened his soul and restored his sanity. This strange but true adventure speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and our immortality, and reminds us of just how mystical the world we live in truly is.

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ISBN: 9780998469225
ISBN-10: 099846922X
Publisher: Magic of Lawrence Lemon
Publication Date: February 1st, 2017
Pages: 196
Language: English