Little Chickies / Los Pollitos (Board book)

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Canticos announces Little Chickies / Los Pollitos as part of its original Canticos Classics collection, the precursor to the Emmy-nominated, award-winning bilingual preschool series Canticos.

Based on the popular Spanish song Los Pollitos Dicen, sing and learn about while learning about a mother's nurturing love, in both English and Spanish. Complete with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, this book is a great way to make learning with your little chickie special and unique in not one, but two languages.

Concept: Song, Mother, Appreciation.

• 8" x 7" novelty board book with a slip case
• The spread format is an accordion fold, so the book can be opened completely, laid flat, or made to stand so children can surround themselves with the story.
• English on one side of the accordion, and Spanish on the other.
• Interactive lift-the-flap and spin-the-wheel.

"Canticos resonates with parents who want to raise multilingual children through quality, appealing content." — NBC

"Good books not only teach your child about different cultures and their traditions, they are also a great way to help your child pick up new vocabulary and information about different regions around the world. a great place to start" — Motherly

"Susie Jaramillo created a media company with an educational, cross-cultural, and intergenerational mission." — School Library Journal

"¿Qué hacer cuando los niños no quieren dormir? La colección bilingüe Canticos de Susie Jaramillo reúne tiernas canciones de cuna de nuestra infancia." — People en Español

Children can also watch our bilingual videos on the Canticos channel!

Beloved by kids, parents and educators, Canticos is the #1 bilingual preschool brand.

About the Author

Susie Jaramillo serves as the President and Chief Creative Officer of Encantos, an award-winning entertainment-driven edtech company creating direct-to-learner family brands that both kids and parents love. Susie is also the creator of Canticos, the Emmy-nominated Latino-inspired bilingual nursery rhyme series which launched in 2016, and is also the author/illustrator of over 20 children's books.

Praise For…

“A thoroughly engaging, ingeniously designed Latino celebration." —STARRED review, Kirkus

“Delightful….should draw smiles.” —STARRED review, Publishers Weekly

“A fully immersive and interactive reading experience...Little ones and their grown-ups will love singing and reading this book together. A perfect choice for bilingual story times.” —STARRED review, Lucia AcostaSchool Library Journal

“Belong[s] on every early reader’s bookshelf….Sing your heart out while teaching your little one some Spanish with this adorable, bilingual book!…whether your family speaks more than one language already, or you want your kid to get a jumpstart on their Spanish skills, story time will be fun for both of you.” —Heather Newman,

“Truly worthy and recommended for the shelves of every public and school library….A beautiful accordion-style board book featuring one of the most well-known Spanish songs for children. With every page turn, there are flaps to open and wheels to spin, for a fully immersive, interactive reading experience.” —Lucia Acosta, School Library Journal, "Spring 2016 Titles For And About Latinos"

“So beautifully designed and such fun.” —Mary Alice Garber, Politics and Prose Bookstore

“Sure to engage young children everywhere… insanely adorable novelty board book [with] plenty of lift the flap and turn the wheel opportunities to encourage entertaining interaction and the illustrations are simply precious and truly heartwarming….fun filled app...these activities are all designed to assist young developing minds in becoming bilingual.” —Obviously MARvelous

“Jamarillo has done a wonderful job in the adorable book telling the story of the chicks whose mom takes care of them. Her lyrics are simpler than the translation above and flow better….The illustrations are bright, simple, and cheerful and it has flaps to open, which makes it even more fun for kids. The rhyming text is catchy and it would be a perfect book to read aloud.” —Carol’s Notebook

“Delightful...I have no hesitation in recommending to parents, carers and teachers for them to share with young children and initiate a love of rhymes and languages in a fun and enjoyable way.” —Splashes Into Books

“Adorable….Designed in accordion style with bright artwork and the simple story on both sides, the book can be read folded up or opened up in its entirety. Have your little ones try it both ways. Preschoolers will find all the interactive lift-the-flaps and spin-wheel features hard to resist….” —Good Reads With Ronna

“A wonderful, little book which not only lets kids get a taste for another language but helps them learn a treasure from the culture which sticks in the head for years to come--a rhyme. I can only recommend it and think little listeners will adore it.” —Bookworm for Kids

“I love the Canticos books because they are so beautiful. The production values are much higher than we usually see from a small press. Bi-lingual books are always a challenge to come by, so Encantos seems to have found a gap in the market with LITTLE CHICKIES/LOS POLLITOS and the others coming this year. Plus digital content is always appreciated. I don't see books like this every day. It's easy to get excited about them.” —Clare Doornbos from DIESEL, A Bookstore in Larkspur

“A fantastic way to introduce the Spanish language to young children….Even better? There’s a super cute app that goes along with it. With adorable illustrations and flaps to lift open, Ellie was drawn in immediately. The rhythmic, rhyming nature of the story...completely sealed the deal….The app is really cute too. Ellie loves it and I love that she’s learning a little something through play.” —Glamamom

“Your children will love singing along and playing with the 3 three little chickies. Even better still, they’ll enjoy reading the book and using the app in conjunction with each other so they’ll be able to experience hours of nonstop fun and learning!” —

“Offers interactive fun….Not only a great [book] to have in the home, but also a great teaching tool…. the app [is] a must have as well when you want to have tools that can help the learning of a new language for your kids fun!” —Mommy Katie blog

“I love the board book design with flaps as well as the reversible Spanish design. We find that our children that come in love flaps and moveable parts and that also works well when we are doing story time to get children involved with a story…. a great addition to our Story Hour collection.” —Arin Burton, Youth Services, Lima OH Public Library

“The design is sheer genius. When you’re reading one side, it’s all in either Spanish or English but then you flip it over and then the book is in the other language. Here’s what I love about this: it forces you to retain the words in Spanish/English that you just read….engaging. Grab your book and app and get your kids falling in love with an engaging and fun way to learn a new language.” —

“Too cute! I love the idea of introducing a second language to children, especially at a young age.” —The Review

“Engaging and eye catching with wonderful illustrations….Together [the book and app] are amazing and will help encourage young children to learn another language as well as show them all mothers love their children." -- Cumin Logic"“A must-have for every young child’s library.” —A Typical Familia

“A book chock full of good stuff to work your kids’ little brains….book’s universal simplicity that helped my kids to learn new Spanish words….the app is fantastic [and] provided endless engagement for my kids to explore their creativity and tap into several forms of intelligence.If you are scrambling for summer activities like I am, check out Little Chickies / Los Pollitos and the app that goes with it. You won’t be disappointed.” —The 21st Century Sahm

“I love that my kids are able to practice a new language by singing, listening, touching and watching the app or flipping through the book. The book is accordion style so have fun with opening up the pages and even building a little fort enclosure with it.” —Fav Haute Mama

“The colorful, expressive illustrations could universally communicate the story of three demanding chickies hatching from eggs supervised by their resourceful, loving mama hen. My daughter enjoyed lifting the flaps and telling the story in her own words based on the pictures. After reading in Spanish…my daughter enjoyed interacting with the book all over again….would make for an impressive and thoughtful gift.” —Bicultural Mama

“I love that [the author] has created these for Latino children. They can be a great tool for non-Latino children as well, to help introduce them to Latino culture and Spanish….a fun way to plant the seed…a really cute story.” —Emily Reviews

“What a sweet little book and a clever way to promote bilingual reading experiences to small children. No awkward repetition or lingering on the same pages too long while trying to read in both languages at the same time—I think my daughter will love it instead of getting bored or confused like with other bilingual books! The book is based on a song….Singing is great for helping children break down words into their smaller sounds—an important early literacy skill!” —Librarian in Periwinkle

“Families and teachers looking for bilingual books (English/Spanish), have a new resource in Canticos from Susie Jaramillo. Their unique presentation sets them apart from others in that genre. The text and illustrations form a recipe for fun and educational books for young readers.” —The Fairview Review

Product Details
ISBN: 9780996995900
ISBN-10: 0996995900
Publisher: Encantos
Publication Date: April 4th, 2016
Pages: 22
Language: English
Series: Canticos