Words and Music Into the Future: A Songwriting Treatise and Manifesto (Paperback)

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Literary criticism, songwriting analysis, and cultural commentary, Words and Music Into the Future is an uncompromising examination of the current state of popular songs and songwriting in the English-speaking world. Devoid of hero worship and celebrity gossip, using mostly well-known songs from recent decades as examples, Michael Koppy presents a compelling case that we listeners have been force-fed a steady diet of industrial illiteracy, and that the timer has come for songwriting and song criticism to riser to greater heights.

Whether you agree or disagree with the challenging, even heretical ideas presented in Words and Music Into the Future, it will forever change how you think about and hear popular music.

Sample chapters:

1. No, Don, the Levee Wasn't Dry--And No One Was Drinking Whiskey and Rye

2. There Goes The Robert E. Lee?

3. To What End?

4. A Personal Remembrance

5. A Later Kick in the Pants

6. Don't Shoot, Dammit I'm Just the Messenger

7. Politics? Religion? How About SONGS? ?

8. Ground Rule Number One

9. I'm Your Fan You're My Hero

10. Herds of Wildebeests Stampeding Across the Veldt

11. Why Peeing Your Pants Beats the Hell Out Of Nostalgia

12. Madonna, Kanye, Coldplay, Bieber, U2, One Direction--Effluvia, Ephemera, Etcetera, Etcetera

13. See You at the Grammys --A Note on Industrial Smarm Festivals

14. Ethics? In Popular Music...? ?

15. Dunno Much 'Bout Art, But I Know What I Like

16. Ever Notice the Worst Writing in an Insightful Pop Music Review--Even a Rave--Usually Shows Up When the Critic Quotes the Band's Lyrics?

17. Those Pesky, Over-Idealized Nineteen-Sixties

18. So Where Are We?

19. "Yeah, But You Really Hafta See 'Em Live "

20. Over the Top? Ya Think?

21. Yes, We Too Are All So Very Sorry You Weren't Born on a Mississippi Cotton Plantation

22. Art School Confidential

23. Dance? Okay, Fine. Dance Now Go Away.

24. It's All Greek--French, Swahili, Latin, Klingon--To Me.

25. Country Music is "Three Chords and the Truth" Computerized Drums, a Catering Truck, and a Smirk

26. Country's Brainier Half-Sibling: Americana

27. Tradition and Illusions of Same

28. The Disarmingly Enabling Inscience of Rap and Hip-Hop

29. Come to the Cabaret, Old Chum

30. Under a Stack of Marshall Amplifiers

31. Ethics? In SONGWRITING ITSELF...? ?

32. The Twentieth Century Ended Two Decades Ago

33. The Insolvency of 'Po-Mo'

34. Song Lyrics vs. Poems

35. "But It's Poetry "--Refuge for the Inarticulate

36. Sincerity Ain't Depth

37. The Kids Are Alright

38. La-Da-Da / Sha-La-Ti-Da

39. Is 'The Folk Process' an Expired Merchanism?

40. Lessons from Browne's "These Days" and Kristofferson's "Bobby McGee"

41. How About That Some Country Music Is...

42. Get Me Rewrite

43. Bob Dylan: Bad Writer, Bad Influence

44. Shallowness, Thy Name is Bob

45. Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard

46. If Ya Wanna Send a Message...

47. McCartney's Song Writing Lesson

48. Steve Sondheim Desperately Wishes He Were Right

49. Didn't I Just Hear That Song in a Commercial for Paper Towels? Insurance? Gum?

50. Should We Use A Number 37-A?

51. On Brightly Wrapped Packages

52. On Gilded Frames

53. Making Sausages

54. Making Music

55. Sure 'Authenticity' is Great--But It Doesn't Guarantee Good Work

56. Form Follows Function

57. Words Seek Music. Object: Matrimony.

58. Rules Were Made to be Broken. However--

59. Swan Song

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