The One After 9: 09: A Mystery with a Backbeat (Paperback)

The One After 9: 09: A Mystery with a Backbeat Cover Image
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'Rebel Without A Cause' meets 'A Hard Day's Night' A DISAFFECTED LIVERPOOL TEENAGER BECOMES INVOLVED WITH THE BEATLES WHEN HE'S HIRED TO HELP PREVENT THE MURDER OF THE GROUP'S MANAGER, BRIAN EPSTEIN. Liverpool 1961. A city about to explode with the sound of raw-edged rock 'n' roll-reborn. Beat groups outnumber street gangs. Gangs of Teddy Boys terrorise dance halls and clubs with flick-knives and bicycle-chains. Gangsters demand protection money and firebomb clubs that don't pay. But nothing can stop the beat. The beat goes on. The demand for drink, cigarettes, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll just keeps growing. But The Beatles are going nowhere fast-and they know it. Liverpool's grown much too small. Hamburg has become a drag. It's the same old grind-day in, night out. The big question: Who can get them a recording contract down in London-get them to 'the toppermost of the poppermost'? Only two men have vision enough to do it. Sam Leach-a pushy, local, rock 'n' roll mad promoter with towering dreams way beyond his means. And Brian Epstein-the sophisticated, urbane owner of a local record store. A group of rival promoters are plotting to push Sam Leach out of the business for good. The man convicted of beating, robbing, and blackmailing Brian Epstein has not only vowed to kill him, but is about to be released from prison. Everyone, it seems, wants to spoil the party. Into the swelling scene steps art student Raymond Jones, an angry young man desperate to find something-someone-to believe in after the death of his dad in a road accident. Picasso, Pollock, and de Kooning don't have the answers. Neither do Kerouac, Camus, or Sartre. So, just maybe, he'll find his salvation in rock 'n' roll.
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ISBN: 9780996372299
ISBN-10: 0996372296
Publisher: Plain Sight Press
Publication Date: July 4th, 2015
Pages: 450
Language: English