My Madonna: My Intimate Friendship with the Blue Eyed Girl on Her Arrival in New York (Paperback)

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"Burroughs was ideally placed to bring to life a pivotal era in music history." -Craig Kallman, Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Record MY MADONNA: MY INTIMATE FRIENDSHIP WITH THE BLUE EYED GIRL ON HER ARRIVAL IN NEW YORK, is an intimate memoir by Norris W. Burroughs. The memoir centers on the Material Girl herself. Mr. Burroughs had the distinct pleasure of dating the superstar just before her dizzying rise to fame. She was a bright-eyed nineteen-year-old dancer, a recent arrival to New York City, hungry for stardom but unsure of how she would get there. He was an aspiring rocker, spending his nights performing at CBGB,'s and his days making t-shirts in the Garment District. There was something different about her, a yearning, a sense of forward propulsion. He knew he would not be able to hold on to her for long. It was Norris who initiated Madonna into his world of rock & roll, Norris who introduced her to her future band mates. In MY MADONNA, Norris attempts to reconcile the young woman he knew and loved with the pop icon she has become. The book is a meditation on the slippery nature of fame, set against the backdrop of the grungy 80s music scene. Many books have been written on Madonna, but few have such an intimate, personal perspective and focus on this crucial time in her artistic development.

About the Author

Norris W. Burroughs is a writer and illustrator who was born in Harlem, New York. Burroughs dated Madonna in the fall of 1978, when she had recently arrived in New York from Michigan, several years prior to her amazing success. Madonna's biographers have interviewed Burroughs, and his quotes appear in most accounts of her life, but he has never told his story in his own words. Burroughs feels that it is vital to place Madonna's ascent in the context of the contemporary New York scene.Burroughs is the Author and Artist of Voodoo Macbeth, a graphic novel depicting the events surrounding a 1936 performance of the Shakespeare play that impresario Orson Welles staged and directed. Burroughs father was an actor in said production, playing the part of Hecate, a role that Welles changed to that of a male demonic force.Burroughs lives with his wife and son in Mill Valley, California.
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