Beyond the Sea Squirt: A Journey with Reflexes (Paperback)

Beyond the Sea Squirt: A Journey with Reflexes By Moira Dempsey Cover Image
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At the most fundamental level the only reason we have a brain is because we move. To develop the ability to feel and think actually requires movement as a first step. Sea squirts illustrate this well. Sea squirt larvae have a very rudimentary brain and nervous system. However, they have no mouth or way to feed. The larvae are able to move to the sea floor where they cement themselves head first and this is where they will stay. As the sea squirt will never move from that spot it no longer needs its brain and nervous system so it starts absorbing it. This absorption gives the larvae enough nutrients to be able to build the circulatory, digestive and reproductive systems necessary to sustain its existence.It is because we move that we develop a brain that, eventually, is able to perform very complex tasks. It is the primitive reflex programme that provides the initial stimulus to develop the movement patterns that ultimately become our ability to move with coordination, ease and grace against gravity. It is movement that grows the brain that lays the foundation to understand the world. It is movement that develops the neurology that allows us to be creative, think, solve problems, control impulses and connect to others. It is movement that provides us with the ability to manipulate tools and develop technology. It is movement that takes us Beyond the Sea Squirt.RMTi follows a drug free approach to postural, learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges. It does this by using movements and activities that replicate the innate movements made by a developing foetus and infant that are necessary to integrate primitive reflexes, establish life-long movement patterns, grow the brain, develop head control and muscle tone.Beyond the Sea Squirt is for those interested in RMTi and the stories of some of those who have used the programme to make beneficial changes.
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Publication Date: May 17th, 2019
Pages: 220
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