Marriage Made Simple: Written for guys, by a guy, with guys in mind (and their wives) (Paperback)

Marriage Made Simple: Written for guys, by a guy, with guys in mind (and their wives) By James G. Johnson Cover Image
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Marriage Made Simple, written by a pastor, counselor and mentor of 39 years is designed to walk couples thruogh some of the most important areas of relationships. And it's written for guys. By a guy who gets their hearts and frustrations. This book is like 10 books in one. Marriage 911: What to do when you start to feel tension in the relationship. Help We're Bent: a discussion of temperaments and personalities. Road Rage, dealing with the emotions of anger. Review Mirrors, a look at forgivness. Love and Respect, Love languages, apology languages, Jim covers them all in this amazing work.

"If you have the courage to open and read this book, it will change you, and you will be forever grateful. Marriage Made Simple flows from the pen of a man who has learned to overcome difficulties by facing life head-on. Dr. James Johnson lives and teaches a grace-oriented approach to marriage. He delivers what you need -- hope to confront and overcome your marital challenges and to restore fractured relationships in every arena of your life. Jim's experience as a coach helps him relate to men. He'll direct and encourage you to obtain and practice important life skills. This book will reorient you and recharge your energy and passion for a fruitful marriage."

Dr. Wendell Nelson
Pastor of Counseling and Spiritual Formation,
Christ Community Church, Omaha, Nebraska
Board of Trustees, Crown College, Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota

"I have read your book Yeah And I LOVE it What I like best about the book is it's incredibly conversational, easy to read, and full of rich, deep stuff. Dr. Johnson uses analogies and word pictures that make practical interactions so accessible. It is easy to grasp what he is conveying."

Julie Sibert
Wife, Mom, Therapist, National Author and Speaker

"I have known Jim for several years. While I was a pastor at Faith Bible Church in Glendale, AZ, overseeing adult ministries, Jim was teaching some classes. I also referred people to Jim as a counselor. Jim has a special heart and giftedness in helping people. I have seen his counseling heal the lives of individuals and marriages. I consider Jim a personal friend and am always uplifted when we have the opportunity to speak. He has a practical biblical approach to the situations of life and is a gifted leader and teacher. If you are considering participating in an event that Jim is leading, I highly recommend your attendance. He has a way to transmit God's message that you will be able to understand and apply. If you have the opportunity to have Jim coach you personally, I believe your life will be changed for the better in ways you can't even imagine. I fully support Jim in his ministry efforts. I believe he has a great impact for God's Kingdom with the people he serves. I welcome anyone to contact me if they would like to discuss further."

Joe Gee
Pastoral Leader and Counselor

"Biblically accurate, inspiring, challenging and authentic -- that's Jim Johnson and the Ministry of Keys4. This seminar is not an event, this is an encounter that left us with not only changed lives and marriages, but also with the sweet fruit of a changed church. Jim is an authentic person commissioned by God who gets in underneath the Christian leader to lift up and add value and quality to every area of that church or ministry. It's like having lunch with a friend and the Holy Spirit is speaking right to you, seeing right through you, touching your very soul."

Steve and Debbie Davidson,
Senior Pastor and Seminar Participant

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ISBN: 9780985331726
ISBN-10: 0985331720
Publisher: Keys4-Life
Publication Date: August 1st, 2016
Pages: 246
Language: English
Series: Marriage Made Simple