The Winning Difference: How to Get What You Want, Need, and Deserve (Hardcover)

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Why do some people, colleagues, or teammates consistently bask in glory while others with similar educational backgrounds, technical skills, and talent remain in the shadows? It's not luck - it's a mastered art you can learn. Until now, this art has never been fully explained.

This unique playbook for peak performance is your lodestar, illuminating for the first-time precise step-by-step actions that will help you triumph. Hight dives into intimate dialogues with A-List winners across diverse fields and combines razor-sharp research with quick-paced stories to debunk theories and reveal the secrets to success. Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Princess Diana, J.K. Rowling, Elon Musk, Carlos Santana, Elvis Presley, Barbara Walters, Sam Walton, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Warren Buffett, Sugar Ray Leonard, Bill Gates, Brandi Chastain, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Pat Summitt, Tiger Woods, Oprah and many more illustrate the most life-changing lessons you'll ever learn.

Discover how to:

  • Implement an unstoppable blueprint for top results.
  • Ace break-through championship actions.
  • Attract, develop, and maintain the relationships you need to win.
  • Pinpoint smart risks to win big.
  • Package and promote to reach the top.
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities.
  • Profit from three simple words that change no decisions to yes.

The Anatomy of Winning, To Get What You Want, Need, and Deserve

Jane Hight, founder of Effective Business Communication, is a best-selling author and global speaker who specializes in teaching how to win. She taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wilmington.


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ISBN: 9780984966028
ISBN-10: 0984966021
Publisher: Stellar Publishing
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2024
Pages: 344
Language: English