Wise, Happy and Feeling Good: Maxims on Life, Success and Well-Being (Paperback)

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Your thoughts create your feelings, which create your attitude and vibration, which then define the quality of your life. Whether or not you're conscious of it, you are in charge of your life experience. You have total freedom to create well-being or distress. This should come as no surprise since modern medicine consistently confirms the harmful health impacts of thought-induced stress and depression. Thinking about something habitually can change your body chemistry and hypnotize you into believing that your perceptions are actually true. Negative thinking can prevent you from taking action, while positive, constructive and grateful thoughts can convince you to attempt and succeed at ventures that others who are equally capable might never dream possible. They also make you feel a whole lot better. Just how do you gain control of the awesome power of your mind in order to affect the change you want in your body, health and life? There's only one permanent fix. Change the way you think When you think of your thoughts as food, you get a clear idea of their importance in your mental health and physical well-being. The thoughts you feed yourself may actually be more important than the food you eat. Your unconscious conditioning causes habitual thought patterns that create a vibratory frequency that radiates out from you to the world. Whether you are in a negative, neutral or positive frame of mind, your frequency is a reflection of that condition. The energy you emit has a tremendous influence on the circumstances and people that you encounter in your life. Since your personal view of reality is the result of a lifetime of thoughts, beliefs, emotions & feelings filtered through the lens of your particular conditioning, the frequency you radiate is unique. The truth is, like everyone, you see only an extremely limited version of life that's based on your belief system and area of focus. When you pay attention to the kind of energy you put out, you're more likely to carefully choose where to focus your thoughts. The result will bring about a positive change in the quality of your life experience. Do you believe that you need to change the external world to get the results you want? This rarely results in a dramatic change in the way you feel, because how you feel is the result of the way you think, not your external circumstances. It's like the old Zen saying: "Wherever you go, there you are." When you change yourself, you feel differently about life because you're changing your perception of the world. When your perception of life changes, so does your experience of it. Wise, Happy and Feeling Good invites and encourages you to explore your thought patterns in a light and engaging way and experiment with thinking outside your habitual box. This book represents many of the ideas offered on the website www.gratitudetwentyfourseven. For a regular dose of the wisdom encapsulated in these messages, give yourself a gift and subscribe to the Daily Nourishment and consider taking the courses offered on the site.

About the Author

Jarl Forsman lives on a houseboat in Sausalito, California with her husband and co-author, Steve Sekhon. A forty-year practice of Tai Chi and personal inquiry, along with help from many teachers has informed her path of self-discovery. Jarl teaches Tai Chi/Qigong in addition to maintaining a diverse counseling clientele. She is the co-founder of Gratitude Twenty Four Seven. Steve Sekhon has practiced a wide variety of meditation techniques, Western mysticism and Eastern spirituality for nearly 30 years. He co-founded Gratitude Twenty Four Seven with Jarl to inspire themselves and others expand their self-awareness and live happier lives.
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ISBN: 9780984958719
ISBN-10: 0984958711
Publisher: High Vibration Publishing
Publication Date: January 18th, 2013
Pages: 234
Language: English