Sophocles' Ajax (Paperback)

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This modernized straight-forward translation of Sophocles' Ajax highlights the nature of man's potential nobility as he faces outward enemies and inner demons. Fresh insights into current issues of post-traumatic stress syndrome and the maltreatment of enemy bodies on the battlefield are dealt with in this classic tale of the Trojan War. The transformation of Ajax, a chieftain of the Greek army encamped before Troy, from the brutal arrogance of a warrior to defiant rationalist creates a paradigm, which the other characters in the play, like Odysseus, Ajax's hated rival, Teucer, Ajax's admirable brother, and Tecmessa, Ajax's loyal wife, feed from in interesting ways, resulting in compassion and final harmony.
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ISBN: 9780982711569
ISBN-10: 0982711565
Publisher: Wilderness House Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2012
Pages: 72
Language: English