Seduction Redefined: A Guide to Creative Collaboration of the Feminine and Masculine (Paperback)

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There are only two problems on the planet - Women and Men With science, intuition and lessons from their co-creative partnership, Donna & Paul reveal their solutions: -Darwin's Sexual Selection theory and its importance for women as rightful initiators -Seduction is a biological gift from women to men -Political and business leadership needs Female/Male partnership -The health and romance benefits of 'Sunday Sex' -New brain science beats the Blame Game -How-to seduction workouts Seduction is as natural as breathing, as human as laughing and as vital as water. It is simply the persuasive, soothing and enthralling influence that women have in men's lives. Once seduced, a man is adaptable to a woman's needs for partnership, peace and social stability. That's the big secret to the success of the human species. Seduction Redefined asks women to awaken the power they all possess - the seductive power of the Feminine. It has been both deified and denied, because it is a force for change, and change is scary. But it is still there, in every woman, awaiting the awakening. When we found out about Charles Darwin's theory of Sexual Selection, and the relatively new branch of study called Evolutionary Psychology, we understood that Donna's intuitive use of her biological power to select and seduce the mate of her choice was completely natural. And we saw that women's ability to guide men into true partnership is the foundation for forming stable, co-creative cultures in which the Feminine and the Masculine use their separate, complementary skills in unison, rather than in competition and with unrealistic expectations of each other. We believe that humans have become the victims of their own males' mating displays. We think that women, or the Feminine essence in all of us, are the keys to changing those displays by making it obvious that such traits are less desirable than men believe them to be. That means women making conscious selections of their mates, and women guiding the men in their lives towards less destructive behavior, with kindness, love, understanding and no blame.

About the Author

Donna Sheehan, a Northern California native, is an artist, community/environmental visionary activist and Evolutionary Behaviorist. She has received state and national awards, including an AVA (Award for Vision and Achievement) for her inspiration behind the global anti-war organization, Baring Witness (, an Environmental Action Committee Steward of the Land Award, and a Giraffe Award ( for "sticking her neck out" in her work on pesticide reform with Mow&Sow, the environmental action nonprofit she founded. She has twenty years of experience in researching and organizing. She co-founded a community radio station ( in Northern California and ORLO, an arts and ecology organization in Portland, Oregon. Donna has conducted Seduction Redefined workshops, teaching women to give themselves permission to initiate courtship, build relationship and create partnership. At the age of almost eighty and in partnership with Paul, she feels successful, beautiful and sensual. Paul Reffell, an English transplant to Northern California, is an Evolutionary Behaviorist activist who writes poetry, fiction, and non-fiction on Nature and human nature. He has performed his works on stage and on radio. He is also a pretty good carpenter. Since becoming partners and creative collaborators, Donna and Paul have worked together on many projects, including Baring Witness. They have co-written a book and personality profiling system that uses physical genetic indicators of left/right brain traits, called BrainLines, which can be seen at They have co-created interactive public art installations and this book, Redefining Seduction. At present they are co-producing a feature-length documentary film on Sex, War & Seduction. As part of their Evolutionary Revolution, which combines the influences of all their work, they created the Dolley Madison Partnership Award to honor couples in which the Functional Masculine and Functional Feminine have combined for the benefit of the world. They have been interviewed and featured internationally on TV, radio and in films.
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Publication Date: August 23rd, 2011
Pages: 248
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