Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain (South Carolina Edition) (Paperback)

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This book is a regional edition excerpted from the Full Text and available at a lower price especially created for readers with an interest in the North Carolina action. The Battle of Kings Mountain was the turning point of the American Revolution. After more than five years of fighting, the British invaded the southern colonies expecting to amass an army of Loyalists as they marched through. After Major Patrick Ferguson threatened to destroy the homes of the Overmountain settlers in today's east Tennessee and southwest Virginia, these backcountry militiamen marched over the mountains and defeated Ferguson's detachment at King's Mountain, destroying a third of Lord Cornwallis's army. These men had fought Shawnees, Cherokees, Scots Tories, and British Regulars during the prior six years, honing the skills that made them feared as "the yelling boys." The story of their engagements from 1774 to 1780 across seven modern states is an exciting episode in the story of these men as heroes of the American Revolution.
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ISBN: 9780976914945
ISBN-10: 0976914948
Publisher: Daniel Boone Footsteps
Publication Date: February 1st, 2011
Pages: 384
Language: English