You Can Write a Mystery (Paperback)

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Have you ever thought about writing a mystery, and gave up the idea because you weren't sure how to start it? Well now is your chance to go out and write that mystery you have always dreamed of. "You Can Write a Mystery," written by Gillian Roberts, author of the Anthony Award-winning "Amanda Pepper Series," will help you start your mystery and guide you through to the end.

&break;&break;"The 'rules' that govern the mystery are the rules that govern all fiction. Every novel needs suspense and drama," says Roberts. With this book you'll learn how to build your story from the grave up. Roberts focuses on what she calls the "Seven C's," why you need them and how they help your story. She offers examples and exercises that will help you complete your story filled with cliffhangers, intriguing characters and hooks. This book also offers practical suggestions for handling problems likely to arise during the writing process. Along the way, Robert's will teach you: &break;&break;The 15 commandments for mystery&break;How to design your sleuth&break;The Seven Cs your book can't do without - characters, conflict, causality, complications, change, crisis and closure&break;How to hide clue, and exploit red-herrings&break;Research techniques&break;How to develop a style, find a tone and construct a killer plot&break;&break;"You Can Write a Mystery," offers practical guidance for the first-time writer. Its easy-to-understand format will help the most amateur to become a mystery writer. In addition to the practical writing advice supplied, Roberts also offers expert advice for editing, revising and submitting a top-notch manuscript.

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ISBN: 9780898798630
Publisher: Writers Digest Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 1999
Pages: 128