Edgar Cayce's Egyptian Energy Healing (Paperback)

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Author Shelley Kaehr, PhD, who has worked with vibrational energy medicine for two decades as well as studied Cayce's readings on the topic, delves into the wealth of information given and brings forth Edgar Cayce's Egyptian Energy Medicine. In any form of healing, the goal is to change the current frequency (or vibration) to one that is more balanced and in rapport with optimal results. Shelley shows us that working with our consciousness to overcome our life lessons and

challenges to achieve lasting happiness and peace throughout our lives is actually achievable. Enriching yet simple, step-by-step information is given to us as tools we can use to apply this

ancient knowledge to our everyday modern lives.

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ISBN: 9780876049457
ISBN-10: 0876049455
Publisher: A. R. E. Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2019
Pages: 160
Language: English