The End of the Everything Bubble: Why $75 trillion of investor wealth is in mortal jeopardy (Paperback)

The End of the Everything Bubble: Why $75 trillion of investor wealth is in mortal jeopardy By Alasdair Nairn Cover Image
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There are crashes and then there are Crashes. But what turns an ordinary downturn into an era-defining crisis? What makes the difference between an event like the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and a brief bear market?

The answer lies in financial exuberance: speculative mania that appears to be making everyone rich, only to end up making everyone much, much worse off.

Historian and professional investor Alasdair Nairn predicted both the dotcom and subprime collapses, and in this compelling new book shares the evidence that we are living through such a period of deadly excess right now.

Markets appear to be going up and up, but they have got perilously ahead of themselves. Danger lies in every single investable asset class. What some have called the ‘Everything Bubble’ has inflated to unprecedented proportions.

And now the bubble is about to burst.

Nairn lays bare the level of danger with unprecedented detail and pieces together the steps that brought us to the precipice. Lastly, he points out options open to those willing to act now to avoid future harm to their wealth.

As we near the end of the Everything Bubble, don’t be one of those caught out!

About the Author

Alasdair (Sandy) Nairn is Investment Partner and CEO of Edinburgh Partners, an independent fund management company which was acquired by Franklin Templeton in 2018. He is Chairman of the Templeton Global Equity Group and one of the founders of Edinburgh Partners.

He has won multiple perfiormance awards for the management of global equity portfolios.

He is the author of Engines That Move Markets (ISBN: 9780857195999) and co-authored Templeton’s Way With Money (ISBN: 9781118149614).

Sandy lives in Scotland, Edinburgh.

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ISBN: 9780857199645
ISBN-10: 0857199641
Publisher: Harriman House
Publication Date: October 26th, 2021
Pages: 196
Language: English