Master of Reality (33 1/3 #56) (Paperback)

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Black Sabbath's Master of Reality has maintained remarkable historical status over several generations; it's a touchstone for the directionless, and common coin for young men and women who've felt excluded from the broader cultural economy. John Darnielle hears it through the ears of Roger Painter, a young adult locked in a southern California adolescent psychiatric center in 1985; deprived of his Walkman and hungry for comfort, he explains Black Sabbath as one might describe air to a fish, or love to an android, hoping to convince his captors to give him back his tapes.

About the Author

John Darnielle is the singer and songwriter otherwise known as the Mountain Goats.
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ISBN: 9780826428998
ISBN-10: 0826428991
Publisher: Continuum
Publication Date: April 15th, 2008
Pages: 112
Language: English
Series: 33 1/3