Rabbit and the Bears (Grandmother Stories) (Hardcover)

Rabbit and the Bears (Grandmother Stories) Cover Image
By Deborah L. Duvall, Murv Jacob (Illustrator)
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Ji-Stu the Rabbit doesn't spend the beautiful autumn days gathering food for the winter like some of the animals. Instead he travels with his friend Yona the Bear to Mulberry Place, the high mountain homeland of the bears. He has heard Yona tell stories of the dancing and celebrations. Let someone else gather food Ji-Stu will go to the mountains with Yona

On the way to the mountains the two friends encounter a hunter. Soon Ji-Stu witnesses the magic powers of Lake Ata-Gahi, which can heal the wounds of animals but is invisible to humans. As he sings and dances with the bears, Ji-Stu learns the magic of friendship as well as the magic of the lake.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780826331311
ISBN-10: 0826331319
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
Publication Date: March 15th, 2004
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: Grandmother Stories