Chrismation: A Primer for Catholics (Paperback)

Chrismation: A Primer for Catholics By Nicholas E. Denysenko Cover Image
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What is chrismation? Nicholas Denysenko breaks open chrismation as sacrament of belonging by exploring its history and liturgical theology. This study offers a sacramental theology of chrismation by examining its relationship with baptism and the Eucharist and its function as the ritual for receiving converts into the Orthodox Church. Drawing from a rich array of liturgical and theological sources, Denysenko explains how chrismation initiates the participant into the life of the triune God, beginning a process of theosis, becoming like God. The book includes a chapter comparing and contrasting chrismation and confirmation, along with pastoral suggestions for renewing the potential of this sacrament to transform the lives of participants.

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ISBN: 9780814662731
ISBN-10: 0814662730
Publisher: Pueblo Books
Publication Date: May 7th, 2014
Pages: 209
Language: English