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Twenty-five years in the making, a first novel that has already been compared to The Sun Also Rises and The Last Tycoon, Cheat and Charmer is certain to be one of the most admired literary debuts of the season. Written by Pulitzer Prize--winning biographer Elizabeth Frank, Cheat and Charmer is a masterful and richly detailed work of fiction-a Tolstoyan novel of marriage, sisterhood, art, politics, compromise, and betrayal set in Hollywood, New York, Paris, and London of the 1950s.
Dinah Lasker grew up in the shadow of her sister, Veevi, a stunning beauty and emerging star who enchanted both the Hollywood set and its imported New York literati. But Veevi's home was also a hotbed of political activity, owing to her marriage to Stefan Ventura, a Bulgarian filmmaker and high-profile Communist. At the end of the 1930s, when things go badly for him in Hollywood, Ventura and Veevi flee to Paris and into the lengthening shadows of Hitler and fascism.
Cut to 1951, when Dinah is subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee, which threatens to ruin her husband, Jake, and derail his successful career as a Hollywood writer, producer, and director unless she cooperates. Can Dinah live with herself if she names Veevi-whom she both loves and loathes-in order to save her husband and preserve her idyllic married life? The choices Dinah makes set in motion an unforgettable chain of events. Like Anna Karenina, Dinah must face the consequences of her choices and her needs.
Written with elegance and style, Cheat and Charmer grippingly dramatizes the interior lives of Dinah, Veevi, Jake, and their social circle. Spanning decades and following complex characters on their impassioned pursuits through America and Europe, this is a novel of grand scope, about love and deception, idealism and accommodation, the lies we live, and the truths we cannot avoid.

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About the Author

Elizabeth Frank won the 1986 Pulitzer Prize for her biography Louise Bogan: A Portrait. She is also the author of Jackson Pollack and Esteban Vicente. She has written many articles and book reviews on art and literature for The New York Times Book Review, The New York Times Magazine, and Art in America, among others. She is the Joseph E. Harry Professor of Modern Languages and Literature at Bard College. From the Hardcover edition.

Praise For…

"Cheat and Charmer is a big, ambitious, utterly gripping novel about Hollywood, screenwriting, marriage, sex, sisters, women in the l950s and, above all, the blacklist, which destroyed so many lives and corrupted so many souls. Against the background of the big studios, with their glamor and greed and powerbroking, Frank highlights the moral odyssey of one decent woman faced with a terrible choice. Dinah's's story is not only unputdownable, it's unforgettable." -- Katha Pollitt, author of Reasonable Creatures

“This magnificent novel will take a front seat in contemporary American writing.” -- Chinua Achebe, author of Things Fall Apart

"Elizabeth Frank has worked a large canvas — Hollywood, the expatriate community in Paris, the inifnitely complex workings of marriage and adultery, sibling rivalry, betrayal and revenge — and made it real. Her grasp of the period detail achieves perfection, and her grasp of human nature is formidable. Cheat and Charmer is to the 1950s what The Sun Also Rises was to the 1920s: an indelible portrait of a generation." -- James Atlas

"Cheat and Charmer begins with an act of betrayal that escalates with dazzling skill and moral complexity into every form of betrayal imaginable. The book is deeply felt, beautifully imagined, filled with memorable characters. The few times I put the book down to leave the house and do reality things, I found myself missing the world of this book and hurried happily back home to it. Elizabeth Frank has written the great Hollywood blacklist novel. I'd happily put Cheat and Charmer on a shelf with Day of the Locust and The Last Tycoon." -- John Guare

"Cheat and Charmer is a magnificent novel. Elizabeth Frank captures the lives of artists and the elite world of Hollywood royalty with authenticity, brilliance, and heart." — Mia Farrow

"An irresistible Hollywood family saga of the McCarthy blacklist, which from the start thrusts the reader into the awful moral dilemma of naming names - even a sister's - or losing everything; then it plays out the consequences against the backdrop of the 1950s, with a Dickens-like profusion of recognizable social types. It is an unrelenting pleasure to read." -- Rock Brynner, author of Yul, The Man Who Would be King

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