Conversational Korean: Everyday Phrases and Vocabulary - Ideal for K-Pop and K-Drama Fans! (Free Online Audio) (Paperback)

Conversational Korean: Everyday Phrases and Vocabulary - Ideal for K-Pop and K-Drama Fans! (Free Online Audio) By The Calling, Joenghee Kim, Yunsu Park Cover Image
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Current and useful phrases for K-Pop and K-Drama Fans

This super-cute, full-color phrasebook covers all the situations you are likely to encounter in daily life, whether at school, work, hanging out with your friends, discussing your favorite K-Pop bands, having computer problems, meeting the love of your life or suffering from a broken heart.

Frequent cultural notes give useful guidelines on a wide variety of topics including how to use formal and informal language and tips for visiting popular tourist destinations such as Seoul, Busan and Jeju. You'll also find nuggets of useful information on topics ranging from best Korean food and traditional alcohol to the symbolism of dreams in Korean culture

The unique features of this phrase book are that it includes a much wider range of situations than the usual phrasebook and the phrases reflect the kind of language you actually use For example, as well as basic greetings, transport, and restaurants, there are sections on plastic surgery, beards and moustaches, smoking, and jealousy and betrayal.

Useful and authentic phrases you'll find include:
  • Stop bugging me
  • Math is a pain in the ass
  • I have to pee.
  • Where should I put the recyclables?
  • He is butt ugly.
  • You don't look like you had plastic surgery.
  • Do you mind if I say a prayer before eating?
  • I'm pissed off
  • BTS is my favorite Korean group.
  • He has commitment issues.
  • This break up is killing me.
  • I just got paid yesterday; I'm loaded.

Packed with cute illustrations, and all words and phrases are given in Hangul script, romanized Korean and English, making it easy to memorize useful language even if you are a complete beginner. Whether you're traveling to Korea or just an armchair fan of K-pop and K-drama, this book will provide you with a treasure trove of useful language and deeper insights into Korean culture.

About the Author

Joeng Hee Kim, language-learner and passionate teacher, is the woman behind The Calling. Keen on learning and teaching foreign languages, Kim speaks four languages herself and has published a number of language study books under the penname "The Calling." For each of her books she seeks out native-speaker and co-authorship assistance to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the language lessons, including Colin Moore-- the Canadian friend who helps them edit the books they make for language study and travel.
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