National Geographic World Wall Map - Explorer (32 X 20 In) (National Geographic Reference Map) (Not Folded)

National Geographic World Wall Map - Explorer (32 X 20 In) (National Geographic Reference Map) By National Geographic Maps Cover Image
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Expertly researched and designed, National Geographic's World Wall Map is the authoritative map of the world by which other reference maps are measured.

Product Features:

  • Colorful Explorer style map with vibrant color palette that fills each country for easy identification
  • Background shows mountain ranges and valleys in subtle shaded relief with mountain ranges labeled
  • Major water bodies including rivers, lakes, glaciers, oceans, seas, gulfs, bays, straits, and bathymetry
  • Clearly defined international boundaries, cities, islands, airports, and physical features
  • Thousands of place names carefully and artfully placed to maintain legibility in heavily populated areas
  • Up-to-date international boundaries and territorial control reflect de facto status on the ground
  • Meticulously researched using multiple authoritative sources including the U.N., U.S. Board on Geographic Names, and policies of individual governments.
  • Accurate place names use a combination of conventional English names, official national names, and standard transliterations for non-Latin alphabets.
  • Drawn in Winkel Tripel projection with distortions minimized unlike other World maps (e.g. Greenland is shown the same size as Argentina, not South America)
  • Corner inset charts list the largest cities by population and the largest countries by land mass and population.

The map is packaged in a two inch diameter tube with a label showing a thumbnail of the map with dimensions and other pertinent information.

Map Scale = 1:42,379,000Sheet Size = 32" x 20"
Product Details
ISBN: 9780792280910
ISBN-10: 0792280911
Publisher: National Geographic Maps
Publication Date: January 19th, 2022
Pages: 1
Language: English
Series: National Geographic Reference Map