When Love Calls, You Better Answer (Paperback)

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The author of the hit "Redemption Song" returns with a sparkling new novel about looking for love in all the wrong places and with all the wrong people."
Full of spirit and wisdom, the novels of Bertice Berry bring to life a rich tapestry of human experience. Now she turns her eye to matters of the heart, with an endearing main character who can t seem to keep bad men out of her life.
Bernita Brown is a quick-thinking, tireless social worker who is good at practically everything except love. Her first marriage ends in divorce, a painful experience Bernita refuses to think about. Instead, she dives into a series of sad relationships and overwhelming commitments to community and church. But not even church can keep her from being courted by dogs; Bernita's married pastor begins making passes at her, then blames her for his backsliding. Along the way, the ghost of Bernita's aunt Babe weighs in with plenty of advice (after all, Aunt Babe says, You don t need to be alive to tell folks how to live ). When a marvelous man finally enters Bernita's life, only time can tell whether she will be able to trust him.
Written with Berry's signature warmth and reliance on African-American ancestors who deliver homespun healing, "When Love Calls, You Better Answer" addresses a host of powerful topics, from abusive relationships to corrupt church leaders. Ultimately, Bernita's story will inspire readers to find the love they need, especially the love that can only come from within.

About the Author

BERTICE BERRY, Ph.D., is a motivational speaker, sociologist, and former stand-up comedian. She is also the author of four works of nonfiction and three previous novels, including "Redemption Song," "The Haunting of Hip-Hop" and, most recently, "Jim and Louella s Homemade Heart-Fix Remedy." She lives in Savannah, Georgia."

Praise For…


“An entertaining narrative and a parable of love.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Berry has written another thought-provoking and entertaining novel about love and the power of the heart.” —Booklist

“Hot, hot, hot! That’s the quickest way to describe JIM AND LOUELLA’S HOMEMADE HEART-FIX REMEDY, a bawdy, romantic comic novel that breaks all the rules of the typical love story.” —The Dallas Morning News

“Berry’s breakthrough? Could be.” —Kirkus


“A nimble social commentator, Berry wisely eschews clichés and delivers a powerful story with a message that should not be lost.” —Essence“In this poignant and educational ‘ghost’ story, Berry drives home the importance of making sure the richness of ancient Africa’s drums lives in the music today.” —Heart & Soul


“A simple love story to drive home the importance of understanding one’s history . . . entertaining but also enlightening.”—USA Today“A TENDER LOVE STORY THAT SPANS GENERATIONS . . . REDEMPTION SONG leaves you wanting more.” —The Orlando Sentinel“COMPELLING . . . THOUGHT-PROVOKING . . . Filled with life lessons wrapped in mother wit and family lore.” —The Dallas Morning News

“Comedian and inspirational speaker Berry makes a tear-tugging fiction debut with this slim romantic fable about connections across generations.” —Publisher’s Weekly

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ISBN: 9780767916387
ISBN-10: 0767916387
Publisher: Harlem Moon
Publication Date: June 13th, 2006
Pages: 201
Language: English