Gotta Kidney?!: A Journey Through Fear to Hope and Beyond (Paperback)

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I have written this book so that others can benefit from the struggle i've been through. Gotta Kidney? was written for all the millions of people who are affected directly or indirectly by kidney disease and indeed anyone facing major life-changing challenges of any kind, whether they be medical or otherwise. I believe that people will feel encouraged and inspired by reading Gotta Kidney? This book is not a medical journal nor does it pretend to be a work of great literature It is the story of my journey from being diagnosed with CKD (chronic kidney disease) through kidney failure, dialysis, transplant, and into recovery. As the subtitle of the books states, it is A Journey Through Fear to Hope and Beyond.

Whenever a major crisis occurs there is always fear of the unknown future. What will happen to me now? How will I survive? The unknown can be scary. So the idea of this book is to give hope and encouragement to those in these circumstances and to inspire and give comfort. You can get through these life events and come out the other end a wiser and happier person. In this accessible story you can find advice and even some light hearted humor along the way. And knowing that others have been down the road you're embarking upon, or on already, can be reassuring and even inspirational.

And finally, the book includes a chapter written by Karin, my living donor. Her journey through the various barriers she faced to donating one of her kidneys demonstrates courage and generosity in the face of fear and resistance. Karin and I hope the book will encourage and inspire those considering donating a kidney, or any organ for that matter, to go ahead in the knowledge that the rewards of donation can be so great

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ISBN: 9780692935057
ISBN-10: 0692935053
Publisher: Gottakidney
Publication Date: September 12th, 2017
Pages: 126
Language: English