The Galactic Earth Council: Reintegration of Earth Kin and Star Kin (Paperback)

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The Galactic Earth Council opens doorways to the cosmic evolution of Earth through the direct and conscious reconnection of humanity with "Beings from the Stars." Come face-to-face with our "Heavenly Origins".

Environmental catastrophes in the past 30 years have attracted the attention of fleets of Galactic Star Federation Starships who appear for the purpose of assisting humanity.

  • Learn the deeper mysteries of Earth's "Galactic Awakening" and how a catastrophic environmental disaster allowed one of the first groupings of humans to interact with our benevolent cosmic Star Kin ancestors.
  • Receive a deeper understanding, through this historical account, of our Star Kin who have always been and will forever remain here on Earth throughout the Aeons.
  • Reflect upon your becoming an "Awakened Hope for Humanity". Be a part of Earth's current evolution into "Galactichood".
  • The Galactic Earth Council is a manual that will give you the tools to safely follow a light-filled pathway towards reconnecting with our Ultraterrestrial Star Kin.
  • Included are the "Voices" and photographic archives of the Galactic Earth Council and the Galactics.

Celestine Iisha Star has been an Ultraterrestrial and Heavenly Emissary contactee for over 45 years of her life, offering her galactic wisdom and knowledge worldwide to private groups and individuals.

In 2010, inspired by the High Spiritual Council, the Galactic Star Federation and her community, Star founded the Galactic Earth Council in which she offered sacred "Skywatch" circles for those hearing the "clarion call" to experience personal contact with our Ultraterrestrial Star Kin.

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ISBN: 9780692089644
ISBN-10: 0692089640
Publisher: Golden Star Productions
Publication Date: November 30th, 2018
Pages: 262
Language: English