The Rest of Your Life's Gonna Be Shit (Paperback)

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The Rest of Your Life's Gonna Be Shit' is a soft play on the outlook from adolescent Australians as they near the end of their schooling. This first edition in the series explores the imagination as an escape from the boredom of monotonous classes and sense of impending doom. Our group of characters work their way through the mess of reality in the best way they can - together.

The series comments on the pressures of the social expectation placed on students - and that your position at the point of leaving high school - should not determine the rest of your life. It highlights that, in fact, you are in control. Tyrown implores his readers to grab the existential bull by its proverbial horns and guide your journey with clear focus and extreme hard work.

The first instalment will invite you into his world and to become familiar with the landscape of urban surrealism. With more editions already in the works that will take your further in this world.

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ISBN: 9780648910800
ISBN-10: 0648910806
Publisher: Hivemind Productions
Publication Date: October 10th, 2020
Pages: 28
Language: English