Paths of Peace (Paperback)

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The sequel to the much loved "Words Heard in Silence" with Rebecca and Charles Redmond. The Civil War has ended, but the battle to regain what was lost is just beginning in this epic tale of life in post war Culpeper for the soldiers and their families as they strive to rebuild not only their homes but their minds and bodies.

It's 1865 in Culpeper, Virginia. The Civil War has ended and the South is in turmoil. Battle-hardened soldiers return home; many are broken in mind and body. It's a time for upheaval not only for the soldiers but also the families they left behind. Charles is one of those soldiers who must come to terms with his injuries from the Battle of Appomattox Station, and also with the body he was born into, so he can find a way to accept himself and what is to be his future. Charlie's beloved wife Rebecca not only has to take care of her injured husband and their five children, but also rebuild the family farm and deal with all the stresses that come with it.
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ISBN: 9780648570967
ISBN-10: 0648570967
Publisher: Ausxip Publishing
Publication Date: April 15th, 2020
Pages: 540
Language: English