5 Systems of Successful People: Secrets to Working Smarter Not Harder (Paperback)

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Do you want to achieve twice as much in half the time?

Do you want to learn from someone else's experience?

Do you want to work smarter, not harder?

Awesome Then here's the good news and the 5 systems that can do just that. These 5 systems were all developed from my own experiences. Over 30 years, I have proved these 5 systems and taught them to many others. And over the years, I have worked with many amazing people in business and sport, and I've seen the fantastic results they achieve, to the point that the 5 systems of successful people almost can't fail.

Now I know there is a lot of information out there, so that's why I have turned the complex into 5 simple systems for myself. And long before starting my own company, I believed in these systems. But once I did start my own company, it was time to prove if these systems really did work, and they do

So yes, I will speak a lot from my own real-life experiences. Those lessons from a D-class student who successfully started, developed and exited from a startup company. I leveraged the 5 systems and then retired at the age of 46 when I became financially wealthy, and now do what I want when I want.

So I encourage you to know your definition of success, and I want you to leverage these 5 systems to achieve everything you have ever wanted. It's your turn

So, What are the 5 Systems?

Now I love the word system, and I believe in systems that people can follow. And the 5 systems could have also been called the 5 attitudes, habits, philosophies, techniques, and methods; you get the point. But I believed in and developed systems, so that's how they will be explained. So what are the 5 systems?

1. Business Judo(R)

  1. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).
  2. Collaboration.
  3. Leverage.
  4. Win-Win-Win.
  5. Network.

2. Time Duplication(R)

This is the one thing every successful person understands

They duplicate themselves, products, and money.

3. Business of Thirds(R)

This is how successful people plan for their success.

4. Rule of 100(R)

These are the checkpoints successful people use to know what they need to do next.

The first; 100 seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months.

5. Sugar & Cream(R)

Successful people become the sugar and chase the sugar. Even if they look like cream, they stay sugary.

By the end of this book, you will understand the 5 systems. And there is no order for the systems either. However, they are all essential to success, and we can work the systems concurrently or separately to achieve our goals. In other words, these systems work for successful people because they work their systems.

And the many stories in this book are shared to help you recognise, relate, assimilate, take action and start using these systems right now. Then share them with as many people as you can. And I know that while reading this book, there is a big chance that you will have at least one epiphany, a rebirth in your thinking. Anyway, that's what happened to me in the 90s when I realised these systems worked.

And when I speak to other successful people, they all agree that systems work and the biggest key to success is getting systems in place as early as possible. And there is no better time than now, is there? And if these 5 systems worked for them, they will work for you. And when you succeed at all 5 systems, you too will not only be working smarter rather than harder; you'll also be able to achieve twice as much in half the time.

Scotty Schindler

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