Shortcuts to 100 Best Latin Recipes: Authentic Flavors Without the Trouble (Paperback)

Shortcuts to 100 Best Latin Recipes: Authentic Flavors Without the Trouble By Sergio E. Yibrin Cover Image
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Shortcuts to 100 Best Latin Recipes reflects the ever-growing popularity of Latin American cuisine and the realities of today's fast-paced lifestyle. Sergio Yibrin shows you how to selectively combine convenience foods with luscious fresh ingredients to prepare one hundred authentically delicious Latin dishes with minimum effort and maximum flavor. A native of Honduras now living in Louisiana, Yibrin delivers recipes inspired by a wide variety of foods from the diverse cultures and countries of Latin America, including Honduras, Chile, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil. With Yibrin's delightfully simple how-to instructions and imaginative, easy-to-find ingredients, anyone can learn to create traditional favorites, such as pi a coladas, empanadas, churrasco with chimichurri, feijoada, dulce de leche, tres leches, and much more. For all of the taste and none of the hassle of slow-cooked, painstakingly prepared Latin American dishes, you can use this creative, smart, time-saving cookbook to make rich and delectable Latin meals for every taste and occasion, right in your own home kitchen. Buen provecho Latin cooking made simple for those uninitiated in the cuisine or the kitchen. Honduran-born Yibrin has converted his native dishes into recipes that time-pressed Americans can whip up after the workday. And he does so without sacrificing the signature ingredients, such as yucca, plantains and chorizo, which are popular south of the border the recipes will result in fare exotic enough to impress discerning dinner guests and demanding family members alike. Latin Cooking for Dummies. Kirkus Discoveries.
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ISBN: 9780595468270
ISBN-10: 0595468276
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: January 17th, 2008
Pages: 148
Language: English