Church Dramas: Volume 4: Comedies & Dramas for the Sunday Service (Paperback)

Church Dramas: Volume 4: Comedies & Dramas for the Sunday Service Cover Image
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Church Dramas: Volume 4 packs 30 comedies and dramas into a sharp, tightly-written compilation of scripts suitable for the Sunday service. Volume 4 depicts a world stumbling in the aftermath of September 11th, where a dedicated father questions his faith during a routine luggage search by an overzealous airline employee ('Search and Rescue"), to an afterlife orientation that plummets a newcomer into horrors unimagined in a terrifying depiction of Hell ('Descending"). On a lighter note, we meet Joan and her frustrating, dysfunctional Christian family as she walks through the basics of what it means to be a Christian ('Joan Smith, Follower of Jesus"), and unveil the latest Hollywood 'D" List celebrity: Jonah's Great Fish ('The Whale We Were"). Church Dramas: Volume 4 crackles with conflict, resulting in surprising confessions, unfortunate choices, and a 'Bad Hair Day" for Samson, who inadvertently stands up his stylist in a salon mix-up. Read them for fun or for church, then discuss amongst yourselves.
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ISBN: 9780595384303
ISBN-10: 0595384307
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: February 14th, 2006
Pages: 244
Language: English