"Jokes They Told Me" Part II (Paperback)

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Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar is an author of international repute. He wrote several books. Most of his readers are research students ranging from the U.S.A to the Fareast and Europe. He has been a free-lancer, academician, lecturer and communications consultant. He had ambitions to write since his early teens, but his previous literary output was confined to magazine and feature articles for his local hometown publications only. Dr. Laskar's books are being red by half of the world populations today. He has written books on autobiography, sports psychology, and jokes. These jokes not only give you enjoyment but some sense of intelligence too. Some of his books have been adopted as textbooks of some of the US universities. Apart from creative writing skill he is a film actor, director, producer and a shrewd diplomat of good will. The United States army used his skills during his overseas service in Europe to put messages across German populations. Being a well-trained mountaineer with experience of scaling 27 peaks of ranges of Himalayas placed him among the top international mountaineering arenas.

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar was schooled at Italian Silesian Catholic Missionary's St. Anthony's school and college and raised in the in the abode of "Cachar - Manzil" family of Alhaj Usman A. Laskar & Mrs. Nurunnessa K. Laskar in a common environment in one of the hill stations of Shillong in eastern India to a pivotal position among his community.

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