Dark Matter is Nonexistent: Lecture (Paperback)

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In the follow up to Eugene J. Laviolette's book, Dark Matter is Nonexistent, Laviolette further proves his theory with detailed analysis using mathematical calculations. This riveting groundbreaking book will change the way we look at the Universe and the stars. This book is for scientists, theorists, and fans of the stars alike.

Proving conversion of Conventional Second-Dimensional calculations to Third-dimensional expression relevant to the sphere reflects a loss of 23.36985% of Surface Area on the Second-Dimensional plane. This % is equal to the inferred % of missing matter called DARK MATTER.

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ISBN: 9780578672809
ISBN-10: 0578672804
Publisher: Dark Matter Revealed Press
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2020
Pages: 38
Language: English