The Reinvented Life: Making Your Life Hum (Paperback)

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Foreword by

Jay King, Singer/Song Writer

Grammy Award Winner of the song, "Lean on Me"

The hummingbird represents joy, hope, love, and life itself. They are known for their perpetual motion. They can hover, and they can fly forward. They are also the only known bird that can fly backward. So, as in life, even if you fall backward momentarily, this book is a guide for helping you to stay in motion.

Symbolically, this perpetual motion has hummingbirds operating in the present.

In The Reinvented Life, Pamela Chanel Monasch David shares her personal challenges, insights, and vulnerabilities as she transforms herself from being morbidly obese to living a life that focuses on health, wellness, and mindfulness.

But this is more than a weight loss story. It's a guide to reinventing every aspect of your life by starting with just one thing. That one thing has a ripple effect on your entire world.

It's a process of engaging with yourself to think about the life you want...and then taking the steps to get there. Pamela inspires you with her personal journey when she turned a "life or death" situation into a life of purpose.

Learn how to be the hummingbird in your own life. Stay in motion, enjoy the ride, and create your life's reinvention.

"What you allow and who you allow around your life's table will determine the speed and extent of your reinvention."

Pamela Chanel Monasch David, MBA

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ISBN: 9780578551616
ISBN-10: 0578551616
Publisher: Hummingbird Co
Publication Date: November 19th, 2019
Pages: 74
Language: English