How the Refugee Crisis Unites Americans: The Untold Story of the Grassroots Movement Shattering Our Red and Blue Silos (Paperback)

How the Refugee Crisis Unites Americans: The Untold Story of the Grassroots Movement Shattering Our Red and Blue Silos By Kate Rice Cover Image
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Kate Rice went looking for unity in this polarized nation.

And she found it in a surprising issue.

Refugee resettlement.

And she found it in surprising places.

Like Mitch McConnell's back yard.

Throughout the Bible Belt.

In deep red states.

In the rural West, where cowboys drive pickup trucks with gun racks.

She found Trump voters working with Hillary and Bernie voters.

Pro-lifers working with pro-choicers.

The religious working with the secular.

This is a how-to of hope.

It shows anyone moved by the plight of refugees, asylum seekers and the desperate families trapped at our borders what they can do, right now, to help.

And they're getting that help from the experts: everyday Americans working in the trenches of helping our newest arrivals.

This book is jam-packed with case studies of how communities across the nation are bringing scaleability to helping our newest arrivals. And these templates will work not just with helping refugees--both the few still arriving and the many who are already here--but in helping asylum seekers and any other groups in need. These groups are doing everything from greeting new arrivals at airports to lobbying their government representatives to return our nation's policies to a nation that offers freedom and liberty to all.

Refugee resettlement is not blue or red. It's American.

The book covers a national movement that's not just in blue states but in the Bible Belt and other red states where evangelicals and other religious conservatives are taking the words of the Bible literally and treating the foreigner as their neighbor, and that neighbor as their brother or sister. These are people seeking to live the words of the Bible in Matthew, John, and Leviticus by helping the very refugees the Trump administration seeks to keep out of the country.

And in doing so they are reaching out to the community beyond their church doors.

The result: Trump voters and Clinton voters, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, the religious and the secular are leaving their political comfort zones to work in solidarity to support refugees here in the U.S.

It's a grassroots movement flying beneath the radar of professional prognosticators and armchair political junkies.

In an era in which this nation seems increasingly polarized, barricading themselves in political bunkers on the left and the right, there are some chinks in the walls so many of us seem to be hiding behind.

So check your stereotypes at the door and start reading

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