Winning the Litigation Money War (Paperback)

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Settlement decisions are the most important decisions in civil litigation. Deciding whether to settle or litigate a case is the pivotal bet in any lawsuit and there is compelling evidence that the decision is not being made properly in many, if not most, instances. Current approaches to making such an important decision are woefully imprecise, even misleading. As a result, settlement decisions are frequently incorrect, with settlement typically occurring late in the litigation. And both plaintiffs and defendants pay the price. Winning the Litigation Money War describes a powerful new quantitative methodology for making settlement decisions and other key financial and strategic decisions in civil litigation. In spite of its power and precision, the methodology is easy to use, even for the layperson. A unique spreadsheet program, available at the website,, makes using the methodology effortless. By showing both plaintiffs and defendants how to optimize their financial outcome in civil litigation and win the money war, not just win the case, the book is an indispensable survival guide for litigants. It will empower clients and help their attorneys to better serve them. The author, William R. Davis, was co-owner and president of a highly successful manufacturing company that was involved in fifteen years of non-stop litigation. That experience, along with his graduate degrees in mathematics and business administration, led him to develop the methodology and write the book. As a result, the book uniquely combines theoretical rigor with real world, hard knocks litigation experience. Several case studies demonstrate the use of the methodology. Written from the perspective of a client who worked closely with no less than eight different law firms on a wide variety of cases, the book also includes colorful narrative of lessons learned.
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ISBN: 9780578115122
ISBN-10: 0578115123
Publisher: Line Drive Publications
Publication Date: April 4th, 2014
Pages: 306
Language: English