The Sea Change (Chronicles of Josan #2) (Mass Market Paperbound)

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Between a mysterious past and a treacherous future lies one lost man-and a magic that has changed the world forever....

After years of exile, shattered dreams, and confusion, Josan has finally discovered he is not the simple monk he appeared to be. Nor is he the victim of a mysterious fever, as he was led to believe. Instead his soul had been magically shifted into the body of the condemned Prince Lucius, leader of a failed rebellion against the rightful monarchs of the kingdom of Ikaria. And though Josan is the dominant personality in that body, the remnants of Lucius's mind grow stronger each day.

When the Ikarian royal family is slaughtered in a bloody assassination, Josan/Lucius is not only the prime suspect but the sole remaining legitimate heir to the throne. With Ikaria in chaos, can Josan clear himself from suspicion in time to keep the wolves from the door? And can he ever integrate the two souls that now inhabit a single body?

About the Author

Paricia Bray inherited her love of books from her parents, both of whom were fine storytellers in the Irish tradition. She has always enjoyed spinning tales, and turned to writing as a chance to share her stories with a wider audience. Patricia holds a master's degree in Information Technology, and combines her writing with a full-time career as an I/T Project Manager.
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ISBN: 9780553588774
ISBN-10: 055358877X
Publisher: Spectra Books
Publication Date: July 31st, 2007
Pages: 326
Language: English
Series: Chronicles of Josan