The Fabric of Dreams (Paperback)

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Science, history, symbolism, and collective wisdom combine for a fascinating blend of scholarship and spirituality in this exploration of ancient and modern dream lore and dream interpretation. Originally published in 1918, The Fabric of Dreams compiles dream-related beliefs and practices from a broad range of sources to offer a comprehensive and objective view of the subject. Readers are provided with a wealth of fact and fancy from which to arrive at their own conclusions.
Author Katherine Taylor Craig, an expert on occult subjects, begins by drawing upon the literature and history of antiquity as well as medieval civilizations. In addition to age-old folklore, including methods of ancient divination, she cites scientists and psychiatrists such as Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Morton Prince, and Havelock Ellis, discussing and comparing their theories and explanations of dream phenomena. The teachings and observations of mystics such as William Blake and Madame Blavatsky receive their due, along with reflections from modern writers in the fields of literature, science, religion, art, and philosophy. Themes include dreams that have come true, dream analysis and interpretation, and the role of narcotics in inducing dream states. The book concludes with a guide to dream interpretation using the art of geomancy.

About the Author

American author Katherine Taylor Craig (1877-1918) was well known for her interest in occult subjects and extensive research in the area. She also wrote a book on astrology, The Stars of Destiny.
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Publication Date: May 16th, 2018
Pages: 400
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