A Small Country Living Goes On (Paperback)

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"Irresistible," full of "poignancy and humor, drama and beauty" raved reviewers about the first two volumes of Jeanine McMullen's enchanting account of her life on a farm in a legend-haunted valley in Wales. In this new book, her canvas broadens to include her travels from Scotland to Cornwall, collecting raw material for her hugely popular BBC radio program, "My Small Country Living." Accompanied by Gert, her peerless tape recorder, she encounters breeders of rare animals, goat drivers, rat catchers, and mad potters.

Back home on the farm, Gorgeous the goat suffers from postnatal depression. Doli, Jeanine's beloved draft horse, leads her stallion astray, and their foal's horoscope is cast. And Lily, Jeanine's dog, engages in a battle of wits with an overweight squirrel, while Mrs. P., Jeanine's no-nonsense, ever-so-slightly eccentric mother, keeps everyone in order--up to a point. As Jeanine struggles to keep her farm, her mother, and her radio series together, she shows us that when your feet are stuck in the mud you can still look up at the stars.

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ISBN: 9780393335149
ISBN-10: 0393335143
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: January 1st, 1980
Pages: 272
Language: English