The Power of Positive Idiocy (Hardcover)

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From David Feherty, the notorious ex-pro and golf commentator at CBS Sports, comes a hilarious new collection of rants sure to surprise and crack up hackers everywhere.
In "The Power of Positive Idiocy," readers will be treated to Feherty's distinctive commentary on aging, Texas, women on the golf course, the Irish, parenting, addiction, Charles Barkley, and, of course, every pro golfer and golfing situation you'd ever want to read about. He also graciously (or in some instances unforgivingly) answers his fans' questions and passes on his unique and demented perspective. Don't say you haven't been warned . . .
Have you ever wondered where the weaknesses are in Tiger's game? Or what would happen if there were PGA Tour cheerleaders? Or how Old Tom Morris would play if he came back from the dead? Or how you can raise the next Phil Mickelson? (Actually, Feherty acknowledges he could give a small dog's trousers about your kids; he has trouble enough with his own.) Feherty explains how one can position oneself to caddie for a living. (Hint: The answer involves drugs, gambling, divorce, and a three-strike felony record.) And, of course, he dispenses the best advice for anyone new to the game of golf. (Hint: Proceed with caution here since this calls for a gun, $55,000, and a toothless, tattooed woman.)
Hilarious, perverse as ever, and totally uncensored, Feherty's new collection is sure to put a smile on the grouchiest guy in your family.

About the Author

DAVID FEHERTY is a golf commentator for CBS Sports and a columnist for "Golf" magazine. He is the author of "A Nasty Bit of Rough," "Somewhere in Ireland a Village Is Missing an Idiot," "An Idiot for All Seasons," and "David Feherty's Totally Subjective History of the Ryder Cup."

Praise For…

“David Feherty is a brilliant deranged soul. There are passages in this book that will make you swear that Hunter Thompson is alive and well.”—Carl Hiaasen

"Will bring about a cracked smile, even on your worst of days."--World Golf

“David has a wonderful and entertaining perspective not only on golf but on life. He reminds us not to take either too seriously.”—Jack Nicklaus
“"Feherty and the word, "idiot," are mutually inclusive." —Gary McCord

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ISBN: 9780385530736
ISBN-10: 0385530730
Publisher: Doubleday Books
Publication Date: April 6th, 2010
Pages: 381
Language: English